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Google Inc Anti Google Black

I remember an article reported that the black color theme of user interface works more energy friendly. It was said that the white color theme of webpage design consumes highest electrical power. If Google web search turns black, it will helps global Google users saving much electricity bill and reduce global warming alerts.

So, someone at China has taken this advice seriously and masking the original white Google into a black theme web design. They called it Google Black – the same Google homepage design, layout, and Google trademark logo, using the Google Custom Search service to provide the same Google searching power but works much energy friendly!

Google Black turns the original white Google Web Search home page into the black color theme, using the Google Custom Search service to provide the same Google search power, but work much energy friendly.

While the coming Spiderman 3 will see the red Spiderman fighting hard against the black Spiderman, the white Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is said has issued warning email to Google Black webmaster, alleged that Google Black has violated Google Custom Search TOS, infringe Google trademark, (and likely threaten white Google web traffics in the coming months)!
The circulated warning email to Google Black webmaster:

Hello, I’m writing to notify you that the use of the Google logo and likeness on the Web site Google Black (http://www.kdv.cn/Google.com/) is a trademark infringement, as well as a violation of the Custom Search Engine Terms of Service(http://www.google.com/coop/docs/cse/tos.html).

I’m hoping you will remove the logo and likeness so I can avoid referring this matter to our legal department. The required branding for your Custom Search Engine is described in our documentation:http://www.google.com/coop/docs/cse/branding.html

Aside from the repercussions for trademark infringement, failure to comply with the Custom Search Engine TOS will result in your Custom Search Engine being disabled. So please address this matter ASAP. If you have any questions feel free to ask. —

Mike Cancel
Google Co-op, Community Manager

So, that’s how the Google Black looks as now (with original Google logo removed). Anyway, i likes the black theme of Google, and looks forward of its happening.

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