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Hack Windows Vista Logon Account Password In 3 Minutes

Microsoft takes five years plus to develop Windows Vista, the so-called highly secured and renowned Windows operating system, with an overly redeveloped kernel.

But someone from China claimed that he takes only 3 minutes to hack or crack into Windows Vista logon account, or probably silently adding new Administrator account to Windows Vista without having to know the existing Administrator password.
Steps to crack Windows Vista logon account password (in case of forgotten Vista Administrator password)
It’s really an interesting article to me, but I’m not able to prove it until some days next week. You may try it safely and be kind to tell me the truth.

Please take note that this handy tip (if it works) is intended to regain a forgotten Vista Administrator password. It is not intended to illegally hacking into a Vista system that’s not owning by users who refer this guide!
  1. Reboot the Windows Vista and boot up with Windows Vista installation DVD.
    Crack Windows Vista logon account password in minute with the Windows Vista installation DVD. Click on the Repair Your Computer option, bring up Command Prompt to open Local Users and Groups management in MMC.
  2. While the Windows Vista installation interface pops up, click the Repair You Computer link at the bottom-left corner.
  3. Next, the System Recovery Options dialog box appears. There are few options that related to repairing Windows Vista, looks like Recovery Console in Windows XP:
    Startup Repair options is used to automatically fix problems that are preventing Windows Vista from starting.

    System Restore to restore Windows Vista setting to an earlier point in time.

    Windows Complete PC Restore to restore Windows Vista from a full system backup.

    Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool could be the first Microsoft memory tester toolkit that bundled with Windows setup media.

    Command Prompt is the target option of this Vista hacking guide. Click on this option now.
  4. In the Vista Command Prompt, type mmc.exe and press ENTER key to bring up the Microsoft Management Console.
  5. Click on the File menu, select Add / Remove Snap-in option, locate and select the Local Users and Groups on the left panel, and click Add button to add it to the right panel.
  6. Now, the Choose Target Machine dialog box pop up. Keep the default setting by clicking the Finish button – that means using the Local Users and Groups snap-in to manage this local computer, and not another computer in network.
  7. Click OK button and return to MMC windows. Under the Root Console in left panel, double-click Local Users and Group that was added earlier. Click on User folder, locate and right-click the target Vista logon account that found in the right panel.

Guess you should know what to do now. Select the Set Password from the right-click menu to set a new password / reset old password.

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  1. Brandon 12-04-07@03:20

    Well, good reason to use bitlocker. Though this exploit should be fixed.

  2. Walker 16-04-07@09:57

    Sorry….I’ve just got back the Vista Ultimate OEM CD to test out the guide and confirm it does NOT work!

    There is a list of Repair You Computer option from the Vista Ultimate setup disk, including the said Command Prompt option that bring up Vista Command Prompt window. It prompts at X:\resources which is correspondence to C:\windows\system32 directory. Unlike the Windows XP recovery console, this command prompt doesn’t recognize help command, not to say mmc.exe that bring up Microsoft Management Console or lusrmgr.msc that bring up Local User and Groups management console.

    In a normal boot up, mmc.exe, lusrmgr.msc, or all others MMC snap-in (in .msc file extension) are stored in C:\windows\system32 folder. But, all these mmc.exe and mmc snap-in are hidden from Vista Command Prompt of Repair Your Computer option menu.

    For your info, I ran this test with both UAC disabled and enabled mode, but neither one was working.

    If you find much other related info, please be kind to share with me here.

    Again, sorry for posting this fictitious hacking guide!

  3. How To Reset Windows Vista Account Password – Walker News 26-08-07@21:41

    […] months ago, I wrote a trick posted by a China man about how easily to crack the Windows Vista Administrator account password. But, it’s not working as it said when I tried it after writing the […]

  4. vinay shankar 18-09-07@19:05

    thanks for help

    this artical is to help full for all hacker group

  5. bill gates 22-09-07@09:18

    at the desktop…click start…type cmd…Then press ctrl+shift then enter… click continue on UAC see where that takes you! lol

  6. Walker 22-09-07@15:54

    The TRK boot disk is confirm able to reset a forgotten Windows Vista Administrator password, but this “recovery console” trick is not working!

  7. jesee 26-11-07@01:33

    dude, the trick does not work . i really do not know what to do.please help !

  8. Carl 30-11-07@13:48

    Try doing a system restore point recovery, back to a time when you remembered the password. If you have that option.

  9. kumar 13-12-07@23:04

    i forgoted my windows vista password

    can u please suggest me

    i am in uk

    my number is 07961002552

  10. Walker 14-12-07@01:56

    Please refer to the “Similar Articles” section in this page or this link


    that shows you how to reset a forgotten Vista admin password with The Trinity Rescue Kit or TRK!

  11. Ricky 26-02-08@16:19

    just works like a charm u can even break in to other systems on ur local network,
    its simple and easy………………………

  12. Guna vignesh.D 04-03-08@19:30

    how to hack the ms -word password.

    please help.

  13. Walker 05-03-08@18:50

    There are plenty of Word password crackers, but sorry to say that I haven’t had tried any one of them.

    Do yourself or anyone here has a recommendation?

  14. J C 07-04-08@03:47

    My daughter was trying to change her Windows Vista User Password and she thought the change was not accepted when she clicked the cancel option.

    Days later she had shut the PC down then could not log back in beacuse the Password had actually been changed. The one she was going to change to did not work either. We did not have any other user or admin account setup on the pc.

    Toshiba tech support told me I would have to do a full reinstall and would lose all my personal files.

    I was going to try and use a crack to find the Password, but could not get the hacker program to boot from the DVD drive.

    When reading and executing the “chinese connection” solution using the OEM revovery disk, I noticed the option to use a windows restore point which allowed me to roll back to a time when the original password was in effect. I did not know if this roll back would include the password in it but had nothing to lose.

    As soon as the restore was complete and I rebooted, the old password was working again.

    This was a lesson learned for me to always have a secondary Admin account on a PC and also to back up personal files to an auxillary drive so if you have to do a complete reinstall, you won’t lose your stuff.

    I guess I would go to head of the Toshiba support group over in India! LOL

    Hope this helps someone else with the same issue.

  15. Walker 07-04-08@10:14

    Yes, it’s better to have a second admin account and remember its password, or create a password reset disk, or use the TRK to reset it.

    P/S: U might have burnt an invalid ISO disk that cause the TRK failed to boot.

  16. tony Farrell 03-09-08@00:06

    i just inherited a toshiba laptop running vista home premium o/s, it has only one account on it, the login password is unknown, the restore disc, or the password reset (If there is one) has not been found, is there any way i can get into the pc and reset/disable this password with the information i have provided please e-mail if you can help thank you tony

  17. Walker 03-09-08@10:30

    Hi Tony, you may use the Trinity Rescue Kit to reset the forgotten Windows account password.

    Please refer to this post for your reference.

    Good luck.

  18. bears 08-09-08@00:51

    i would thing “net user” would work with this once you get the command prompt up..

  19. Aditya 19-10-08@13:15

    This trick is fake….
    instead try something with the SAM file try to copy it from anther computer if it is possible

  20. noob 12-11-08@06:40

    well i tried it and i have home premium and apparently it doesn’t work with home premium

  21. nerd 24-12-08@00:59

    lol same here it doesnt work on homepremium *cry*

  22. no1 17-01-09@15:14

    try to type “net user administrator /active:yes” in command prompt from recovery dvd . Now when you reboot you should see now unprotected Administrator account.

    i have not tested this so can someone tell me if this works

  23. wood 26-01-09@07:45

    i have tried the trinity rescue kit and when it comes to the part.. type in- “winpass”… it does not work! i heard that the kit does not work on vista. is this true? is there something else i can type? i used the 3.2 kit because i also heard that the 3.3 is a beta and does not work as well. should i use that one since i am using it on vista? Please let me know. Thank you!

  24. Walker 26-01-09@11:37

    Hi Wood, I’ve written few posts about Trinity Rescue Kit and confirm it works with Windows Vista SP1 too.

  25. sam 06-02-09@00:27

    can this work with a differnt version because ive got a vista home premium disk but the os that i want to recover is vista basic will it still work

  26. Walker 07-02-09@11:04

    The original Windows Vista DVD contains all Vista editions.

    But, I suggest you refer to Trinity Rescue Kit:


  27. sal 09-02-09@07:49

    It is possible to break Vista Enterprise Admin password.

    Download Trinity Rescue Kit 3.3 ISO.

    Use IMG to burn the ISO to CD or DVD:

    Set the computer bios to boot to CD or DVD drive.

    Trinity loads by itself…

    Once you get the prompt then type: winpass

    Choose your option. I my case I chose option 1.

    Remove CD/DVD from the drive.

    Type reboot to reboot the system.

    In my case, admin was disabled. Trinity enabled admin and set the password to blank.

    I could then get in to any other account on the machine to reset all passwords to blank.

    Very amazing way for me to reset passwords on my own test computer.

  28. alex ng 11-03-09@07:23

    i’ve always heard of miraculous cracks or keygens for paywares, i’ve even tried some! Work perfect. But recently a friend told why not to instal windowblind? Indeed why not? i looked up the prices and made my mind to download a crack one. after two virus and 3 dozens of malware i finally found one that was not detected as such by my anti virus. i’downloaded the zip, i’ve unzip the files to find a folder with a software call newsid or changesid. i went over the internet to learn that sid’s stand forcomputer security identifier. roughly sid is used by organisations to clone one computer and then duplicate it on the thousand of computers they got so as evry one benefits from main computer resources.

    logically it stand up for. if i wanted to use the soft of someone else i just had to clone his computer. so i run the soft and after 3hrs it was still changing my computer sid and the soft not to stop the changing of sid with risk to computer unstability. again i went on the web to get help. a newbie on a forum explained that his computer was still running sid after more than 24hr. after several post and some 48 hrs latter his just restored his computer and every thing was ok for him. so i tried to stop the program but it would not. i was sick of this waiting and wanted to sleep so i restarted my laptop. every went ok until i saw another account on my boot window with name user. i said to myself something was wrong so i entered my account to quickly restore my laptop. thats where everything entered the twilight zone, i lost all my administrative rights to limited user control. i couldn’t restore my computer, i couldn’t change user setting, nor enter the registry.

    back to the internet i’ve found this post. now the interesting thing is this:
    the article about the repair from disk DOES NOT WORK!! but luckily restoring the computer to an earlier time worked!!!!

    it’s a bit tricky though, after several tries i’ve succeeded. here how to do it (just before running sid i’ve created a restore point) :

    1. follow all the steps in the article until you arrive to the system recovery tool box
    2. there you just click restore computer to an earlier time
    3. you won’t see anything happen
    4.wait a minute or two, try other options if you want to
    5. after a time the restore window will appear but UNDENEATH THE RECOVERY TOOL BOX!!!!
    6. close the other windows that you’ve tried (if you’ve tried), close the window telling you that restore point is enable the program will close.
    7. go lightly to the recovery tool box lightly without touching the latter with your cursor and click restore my computer to an earlier time.

    work grate with me. thanks for your posts they all helped me in getting back my good old laptop without any cool theme but with which am able to post this article

  29. N.Puwaneswaran 19-03-09@14:31

    i want to reset the Password becasuse i forget the password please help me

  30. sivagar 11-05-09@00:24

    how to enable all services in my user admin acoount.i cant login in my user admin login.

  31. angiee 25-05-09@13:46

    Just a rather new update for this hack. “mmc.exe” cannot even be run in Command Prompt shown above. So this hack fails to work.

    Nonetheless, in less than 2 hours, I had mistyped my password, hoping I did change it, but apparently not. I typed my previous and change password, seeing it did not work. What I did was use my Vista Installation/Recovery DVD and did a System Restore (tip: create restore points, they WILL SAVE YOU), and restarted. When I typed in my previous password, I was able to log on again!

  32. Dee 28-05-09@18:34

    Hi peeps, I have been unable to get into my admin account on my PC. I think someone has changed my password somehow???
    My PC did not come with a Vista Disk as it was already on the PC when purchased. Can any1 give me any tips on how to fix this problem? I have tried to go in by using safe mode, but that is also asking for a password enter, and my password isn’t letting me?
    many thanks :)

  33. master4mip 02-06-09@23:20

    hi, thxs to all of ya out there helping us to solve problems. onbehalf of all i say thank you.

  34. 413×69 03-06-09@22:33

    this articla is useless but there is a linux live cd which u can download and it help to show the hinden vista admin account n it will b able to help u reset it :)

  35. Sachin 01-07-09@00:43

    Hi plz tell me how to reset or disable Vista Administrator password
    coz I facing lots of problems. If u know plz send me at my email id.

  36. Walker 01-07-09@21:32

    Please refer to TRK.

  37. alex 03-07-09@23:31

    Guys, Use trinity rescue kit, it works perfect. i had to fix the display on a dell laptop for my employer, but i forgot to obtain the password. the trinity rescue cit works charms, i removed it in 1/2 hour after i figured out how to use it. lol. quit asking, “HELP ME PLEASE”. read the previous posts and google trinity rescue kit. 140 mb, burn on a cd and walla, ur done. then boot from the cd drive, just press F12 when u get the very first screen that sayes ur pc’s manuracturer and select cd drive. it will load and after it loads, type “winpass” then u have to experamint with it cause its not the same for every pc. i had to use method 2, but my instrucktions sayed to use method 1. good luck.

  38. Raf 12-08-09@02:03

    Alex, this is a great utility. I downloaded it, created the ISO image and option number 1 worked with no problems. Just took the defaults and it was done…Admin pass was removed. Thank you for your post.


  39. manoj 06-10-09@00:35

    not a good trick

  40. tannpopo 09-10-09@15:46

    The first thing which you check if you forget login password. When we install Windows, it automatically creates an account “Administrator” and sets its password to blank. So if you have forget Your user account password then try this:
    Start system and when you See Windows Welcome screen / Login screen, press ctrl+alt+del keys Twice and it’ll show Classic Login box. Now type “Administrator” (without quotes) in Username and leave Password field blank. Now press Enter and you should be able to log in Windows.
    Now you can reset your account password from “Control Panel -> User Accounts”.
    Same thing can be done using Safe Mode. In Safe Mode Windows will show this in-built Administrator account in Login screen.

    If above method didn’t work,then you have to find some recovery tool like windows password reset to crack it.

  41. Brandon Birch 22-10-09@06:47

    this actually works w/o the first part…..

  42. Banjo 29-10-09@03:42

    tanks 4 d vista tutorial it has really helped me to unlock my laptop computer
    i also need this FAVOUR my external HARD DISK (usb) is too open and i need a program to lock it from unautorize friends it’s very urgent

  43. Manikandan 23-11-09@19:37

    thanks to trinity rescue kit ………its help to deactive the admin password….. just try it..

  44. m has 12-12-09@17:18

    it is possible to know the admin passward at win vista if it possible pls tell me

  45. Phill Thorne 11-01-10@09:39

    In the worst outcome just pull the hard disk, slave it to another PC and use the security tab in the right click menu of Vista or XP when in safe mode and take possesion of the files. You can then copy them to another medium before re-installing. This is a pretty easy task (too easy if you ask me) so whatever happens your data is recoverable unless your hard disk is physically broken.

    By the way, if your thinking of using Ophcrack, I shouldn’t bother. I have tried it many times on simple passwords and not only does it take forever it has failed 100% of the times.

  46. haha 12-01-10@14:59

    you dont need any downloads…you can access from the dos mode before start up…..I did it and changed all passwords (I was spying on my kid) then restarted and reset to what I wanted passwords to be. now if your trying to be sneaky it wont work cause you have to chage passwords after reset…

  47. rishab 04-03-10@23:07

    how to change password of win vista through cmd

  48. Susan 05-03-10@11:17

    There are a lot of tools and utilities that can be downloaded and used to recover, reset, retrieve or reveal existing password. These windows password recovery utilities, free or paid, are usually a Linux boot disk or CD that able to comes with NT file system (NTFS) drivers and software that will read the registry and rewrite the password hashes, or can brute force crack the password for any user account including the Administrators. The advantage is that there is no fear of leaking your password to outsiders, while the process requires physical access to the console and a floppy or CD drive, depending on which tool you choose. And it’s not easy, although it always work!
    Below is the most famous recovery tool I found:
    Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0 – it is the most popular Windows password cracker . It is a very efficient implementation of windows any versions. It comes with a Graphical User Interface and runs on multiple platforms.

    Password Recovery Bundle –This is a utility to reset the password of any user that has a valid (local) account on your windows system. You do not need to know the old password to set a new one. It works offline, that is, you have to shutdown your computer and boot off a floppydisk or CD. It’ll detect and offer to unlock locked or disabled out user accounts. It is also an almost fully functional registry editor.

    Windows Password Key 8.0 -It is considered as the best tool to reset local administrator and user passwords on any Windows system. It creates a password recovery CD/DVD, USB Flash Drive for home, business and enterprise. And most of all, it’s the most popular and safe solution for removing your Windows password until now.

  49. yogesh 20-03-10@11:20

    hi ,
    that i have got here this is very common sense

  50. manlitr 17-05-10@07:48

    yo the software does work and you all made a mistake the frequency in laptops newer then 2007 june 1st are modified to be unhackable.
    OK people…

  51. rob z 22-05-10@19:28

    when i use this method i get an error at the command prompt. mmc.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

    any ideas?


  52. Sylvester O.A. 12-06-10@16:42

    I have just seen the steps given to help me through in my confusion, but I have not used it yet. In all I am so proud of the information I have gotten. I soon as I am done with it, My appreciation will be send in. thanks a zillion times.

  53. ELLJ 29-06-10@21:07

    i forgot my user password and can’t login please help me cause i have downlaods disabled on guest and i need download a software

  54. sona 19-08-10@17:52

    i have samsung 250GB internal hardrive but i forgot my hdd pass word so i can not open my laptop how to reset my pass word

  55. radeon19 29-09-10@01:32

    my computer says “This computer is running Windows Vista Home Premium. This snapin may not be used with this version of Windows. To manage user accounts for this computer, use the User Accounts tool in Control Panel.” it’s not working.

  56. tony hardy 11-10-10@00:42

    i have a sony laptop with windows 7 on it and ive forgotten my profile password is there any way of getting it unlocked

  57. Corey 12-10-10@04:43

    I locked myself out of my Windows Vista Admin account.
    my whole life is in their !
    Please helpp!

  58. rahul26 01-11-10@04:21

    @tony&Corey: use the 1.ophcrack 2.trinity recovery kit…..
    u can download it by searching from google…..burn it into a cd/dvd
    &use as a boot disc….read instructions from googling….hope u will find it helpful….

  59. amjad 02-11-10@15:47

    I have lost my vista administrator password.Now its Hard to update anything Please guide me what i can do that without losing data i can get back that password.Please Help me.

  60. Jordan 16-02-11@05:16

    Just turn the pc on and keep pressing F8. Boot into safe mode with networking.There will be an unprotected admin or an admin with a password you know

  61. Allo 10-03-11@01:22

    Safe mode is still password protected, local machine will work diffrent to domain password unless you have a laptop. For those who are not sure why mmc.exe is not working, the guide is semi impossible, because the poster fails to inform you, you need to map to the system32 folder, either the root way or winodws\system32.

    whatever drive or leter is displayed it not C, type c: and hit enter
    C:\> then type the following
    cd windows

    then type the following
    cd system32
    leaves you at C:\>windows\system32
    then type mmc.exe
    granted this only work if you can get to the command prompt, which doesn’t allways work even with F8- boot safe mode with command prompt.
    As to Trinity iso download, it was touch and go work 3 out of 5 times and failed 6 out of 10 times, so user luck I guess. dowload is hidiously slow 150k… on any server.
    This is a few “password hacks and so on, but the easiest and safest way to not damage anything is to have a friend or someone with vista, make a password recovery disk. If you can’t do that, try a windows 7 recovery disk, this has had sucess with getting to the command prompt, and a few other usfull tools.
    or just google for whatever programs are out there, be warned alot do other things apart from get access to your laptop\PC

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