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Additional Nokia N73 SISX Games and Software From Nokia Official Sites

Last month, I’d compile a list of freeware SISX game and programs for Nokia N73 and others smart-phone running on Symbian S60 user interface.

Today, I found additional freeware version of SISX game and application that hosted at Nokia official sites in Hong Kong and Singapore. I must have missed out them when I compiled the list last month.

The good points of downloading SISX freeware directly from Nokia official sites is because there are less vulnerable to virus and most of them are signed SISX package.

Nokia N73 Barcode Reader is an interested SISX freeware application for me. Unlike the Nokia N73 QR Code Reader / QuickMark Scanner, Nokia N73 Barcode Reader is capable to interpret traditional barcode and the advanced QR Code or QuickMark Code.

www.WalkerNews.net QR Code, or QuickMark, that can be read by Nokia N73 SISX freeware QR Code Scanner
QR Code or QuickMark Code is matrix code or two-dimensional bar code created by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994, and it’s now the most common, popular type of two dimensional barcode in Japan.

QR Code embedding or encrypting information inside. For example, the QR Code at above contains my secret information!

Once you’d downloaded and installed the Nokia N73 Barcode Reader SISX freeware, pointing the N73 main camera to QR Code, the Nokia N73 Barcode Reader will auto-focus and extracting the information once it has successfully decrypting (indicate its completion by a special camera shutter sound).

Due to changing of Daylight saving time in certain countries during 2007, you might face problem in calendar synchronization if the device and PC are having a different time. Nokia Time Zone Upgrader could be installed to update database in Nokia N73 that containing the daylight saving time dates. Remember to restart Nokia N73 after installation for the changes to take effect.

SMS Accelerator is not a new SISX freeware, Anyway, this a must-have Nokia N73 SISX program works similar as patch to fix the SMS bug of Nokia N73 – It’ll take some time, up to few minutes, to completely sending SMS for a long list of recipients. Take note that you might find the handset runs slower for a few minutes after the installation, before returning to normal.

English-Simplified Chinese Dictionary is pre-installed in the bundled mini-SD memory card. In case you’d accidentally format it (error message “Dictionary word information missing. Install word database.” pop up after clicking English-Simplified Chinese Dictionary icon), you’ll have to download it from Nokia official site and reinstall the dictionary.

Olympics Fencing is an M-Bound develope freeware SISX game. Practice your fencing skills before attend to Beijing 2008 Olympics Game.

In less than 500 days 200 days, Beijing 2008 Olympics is too far away. M-Bounce has developed the Olympics Fencing SISX game Olympics Fencing SISX game and make it free download for any smart-phone running on Symbian S60 user interface, such as Nokia N73.

Classic Card Matching Classic Card Matching is another M-Bounce developed freeware SISIX game for Symbian S60 user interface (of course it is compatible with Nokia N73). In 99 minutes and 59 seconds of time limit, you’d to uncover two identical cards from 40 pieces of cards, to clear each pair at a time. It’s really challenging to me to memorize all these 40 pieces of cards. So, how about your memory?

Crocodile Pool Crocodile Pool is less challenging and childish, but it could be fun sometimes, and better than nothing when I’m really extremely boring. If you’d kids, they might interest with it too!

HahaBoy is another M-Bound freeware SISX game for Nokia N73 and other smartphone that are running on Symbian S60 platform
Ha Ha Boy Ha Ha Boy is also an M-Bounce freeware SISX game. Again, this is also a less challenging and childish game for adult and extreme mature men (like me?). Don’t believe me. Download and install it to play first, and tell me that you’ll really love the game.

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  2. hisham saeed 17-07-07@04:47

    please inform me about free software for N73

  3. John 29-08-07@19:21

    Excellent games, i tried to find Nokia N series games on nclubsoft.com and youpark.com but didn’t find Fencing there. From where i can find this game ???

  4. iv 09-10-07@14:24

    Dear friend… im very happy about watch this site it was very useful for me….. plz inform to me fpr more sisx free games…. and very thanks for all of you….

  5. iv 09-10-07@14:25

    may i got sisx games in english ?

  6. SRI 26-10-07@15:03

    i want file explorer for nokia n73 which can open and rename message as well

  7. minku 13-11-07@13:31

    please send me free softwares for N 73 M


  8. Santosh Shrestha 17-11-07@18:18

    I am inneed of softwares for n73 please can you give me some information about it

  9. mathew p james 18-11-07@19:15

    my head sets clip has been broken some days ago
    there is no spares awailable
    can do something nessary

  10. mathew p james 18-11-07@19:17

    can you send me a dictionary suiting my N73 music series mobile

  11. Walker 18-11-07@21:50

    Hi Mathew, sorry to know that your head set was broken. You can click the English-Simplified Chinese Dictionary link in the article which will directly download the SISX file for your Nokia N73 ME

    P/S: I’m using it with my music edition too :-)

  12. dody 30-11-07@22:23

    please send me nokia n 73 series software.ok

  13. sourav 02-12-07@03:07

    can you send me an english dictionary suiting my N73 music series mobile

  14. george 26-12-07@02:06

    hello i’m george .
    I’m so thanks for these good & lovely games
    there are so nice !!!

  15. fakhri 28-12-07@17:00

    hello, i’m fakhri
    i want game’s software n73 music edition. send me please…

  16. fakhri 28-12-07@17:03

    can you send me free software n73 series.

  17. harjot 20-01-08@20:34

    how do i make my n73 phone louder

  18. Prabakaran 29-01-08@16:27

    Any other information Please send my E-Mail. thank you.

  19. macjaiviar 08-02-08@11:26

    iplease send me free softwares for N 73 M


  20. Arash 22-02-08@18:43

    please help me. i need ((( RemindMe S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Cracked )))) For Nokia N73 me……….Thanks

  21. perry 03-04-08@04:27

    please i want a software for my mobilen which is n73 music edition, i need software to hide my pictures that i don’t want anyone to see it and also the messages.
    Thanks alot.

  22. M.senthil kumar 26-10-08@12:16

    I am in need of free version file hiding software for nokia N73 music edition. Pls help me out

  23. Rohan 07-03-09@20:24

    please send me free english dictionary for n73 music.


  24. Meenal 29-05-09@05:11

    how can i download games on my mobile version nokia n73 music edition?

  25. Meenal 29-05-09@05:13

    please i want a software for my mobile which is n73 music edition, i need software to hide my pictures that i don’t want anyone to see it and also the messages.
    Thanks alot.

  26. sathish 20-06-09@21:35

    Please i want a music software for my mobile Nokia N73 music edition

  27. Kiran Kumar G 09-07-09@21:42

    I want mp3 cutter software for my nokia n73 music edition.

  28. Edmar Olasiman 16-07-09@07:13


    My phone is N73 but it’was going slow,,, need yuor help,,,is there any application to speed up my phone? im hoping your support.


  29. prabu 13-08-09@13:35

    My phone is N73 but it was going slow, need your help. Is there any application to speed up my phone? I’m hoping your support. and which files does n73 supports jar or jad files


  30. sagar 22-09-09@14:17

    my phone is NOKIA E71 it is going slow . is there any application to speed up my phone ? I also update my my phone software plz give me suggesion

  31. Jaswant Singh 23-09-09@16:09

    Please tell me the software for Hide my picture or clips for nokia n73 music addition.


  32. venkat 28-11-09@17:55

    how can i get free explorer software for nokia n73

  33. MOHAMMAD EHTESHAM KHAN 05-02-10@01:16

    Advise me how can i download a free english to english Dictionary for Nokia N73 , Please send me links for free download thanks

  34. Kiran 18-03-10@15:56

    I want lock software with security code. Thank u..

  35. riyaz 30-07-10@14:37

    Dear Sir
    pl. send total video convertor for nokia n 73

  36. Albert 20-09-10@03:36

    Thanx bro.. I’d been lookin 4 these kinda softwares from a very long long time.. Great site!!! It’d be very kindful if u can send me links to download brain games like sudoku,chess,etc.. Thanx again

  37. Sean david 02-03-11@19:09

    please i need some high graphic games for my nokia e66. thanks

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