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Adding Shortcuts To Windows XP SendTo Menu

It’s really a simple trick or tip to add a Wordpad or Notepad shortcut in Windows XP Sendto folder, which will be used to conveniently and securely open those unknown email attachments, data files that have no file extension (typical Unix/Linux file naming convention), Linux hidden file (file name initial with a single dot), Linux format of ASCII file (different ASCII file encoding between Linux/Unix and Windows OS), etc.

Click on the Start button, follow by the Run menu, type sendto in the Run dialog box, and click OK to open up Windows Sendto folder of current log on user.

Adding more program shortcuts into Windows Sendto folder - where those program shortcuts will be made available in the Send To option of Windows Context menu.
If you encounter “Windows cannot find sendto” kind of error message, you might have customized the Home Folder setting for your log on profile. To resolve this Sendto error message, instead of typing sendto, you may try to type


in the Run dialog box and click OK!

Once the Sendto folder of your log on profile is opened, you can create shortcut of Wordpad or Notepad here. Of course, the simple way to do is right-click and drag the Wordpad or Notepad icon in Accessory Menu to the Sendto folder, release the right-click, and select the Copy Here option menu.

Needs more step to get it done? No! That’s all. Highlight a file, right-click on it to bring Windows Context menu, click on Send To shortcut menu, you’ll find the Wordpad / Notepad shortcut inside.

Personally, I prefer to have both Notepad and Wordpad icon in Sendto folder. Wordpad is safer than Microsoft Word (as Wordpad cannot execute macro or VBScripts), able to handle large file size than Notepad, and able to nicely rendering UNIX / Linux format of ASCII file encoding. I used to “send” those suspected files of email attachment or Windows binary file to Wordpad, and get some hints based on the strings or ASCII text found inside the file content!

If you’ve deal with UNIX / Linux ASCII file in Windows XP, you’ll remember that ugly text rendering in Notepad. But, Wordpad is just nice to render them properly! So, I’ve to “send” those Linux hidden files and Linux ASCII files, etc to Wordpad for properly reading the file content.

What else you can put in Sendto folder?

Anything that you think are reasonable for you convenient! My Sendto folder contains more shortcuts than Wordpad and Notepad.

As you can see, I’ve Windows Media Classic, Windows Media Player 11, Picasa 2, InfranView 32, FLV Player, Gspot, Internet Explorer 7, etc in the Windows XP Sendto folder – all these program shortcuts will be available for me, when I right-click a file and click on the Send To option of Windows Context menu!

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