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Make Use Of Symbian S60 User Interface Shortcut Key

Nokia latest smart-phone, such as Nokia N-Series (N73) and E-Series (E90 Communicator), are running on the latest Symbian OS S60 3rd Edition user interface.

Using Nokia N73 Music edition as reference model, this guide is about using some of the handy and common Symbian S60 user interface shortcut key. Master and using the shortcut key to get things done quicker and easier without more keystroke to press.

Nokia N-Series smartphone keypad functions. This is a screen-shot of Nokia N73 keypad that is running on Symbian OS S60 3rd Edition user interface.

How to resolve memory-low-related errors message?
How to display all applications that are running in background in Nokia N73 or Symbian S60?

If you encounter error message, such as Not enough memory to perform operation. Delete some data first”, most likely there are many applications actively running in background that have caused such not enough memory problems.

In this case, press and hold down the Menu key (labeled as A in the diagram above), a list of actively running applications will be vertically displayed at the top-left corner.

By default, Nokia N73 Music edition has only two applications, i.e. Standby and Music, are actively running in background, right after it’s powered on. Try to close down unused applications and confirm if this will helps to resolve the Nokia N73 memory-low-related problems.

In Symbian OS, it’s very often to have some programs running in background over the time. Unlike Windows Vista, where each of the running programs or open files are shown in the taskbar, Nokia N73 that running Symbian OS will put each of the running programs or open files in background.

These programs are only shown when you press and hold down the Menu key. For example, pressing Menu key while writing SMS will instantly put the SMS editor into background and display the main Menu page. When the main Menu page exited, you won’t notice that SMS editor is still running in background, as you will normally see in Windows Vista.

How to select, copy, and paste words or sentences while writing a SMS or note?

Press the Edit key (label as B in the diagram above) and scroll the cursor with the Scroll key (joystick) to highlight the words or sentences.

The Copy command appears in the bottom-left corner. While holding down the Edit key, press Copy command to copy those highlighted into memory (such as clipboard in Windows Vista).

To paste the copied content, press and hold down the Edit key again, the Paste command will appears at the bottom-right corner.

Similar to Windows Vista clipboard, the copied contents in Symbian OS is sharable with others applications. So, you can copy sentences in Note and paste it in SMS.

How to select multiple SMS messages, photo, mp3, contacts, or any selectable item in Nokia N73 or Symbian S60?

Press and hold down the Edit key and move the Scroll key (joystick) up or down to select or deselect items continuously. To selectively select items from a list (of contacts, photo, mp3, SMS, etc), hold down the Edit key and press the Scroll key once to select the particular item, move to next target item and repeat the Edit-Scroll key combination again.

The sharp key “#”

While the Nokia N73 is in standby mode, press and hold down the # key will toggle between General and Silent profile.

While writing a note or composing a SMS, press and hold down the # key will toggle between T9 predictive input mode, normal writing normal, numeric input mode, and Uppercase/Lowercase mode.

While using the built-in calculator, press the # key for decimal point input.

The asterisk key “*”

While in the Standby mode, press * once to get * key; press * twice continuously to get + key; press * for 3 times continuously to get p key; press * for 4 times continuously to get w key.
The + key is normally needed when making oversea call.

The p key is normally used to indicate a pause. For example, calling to voice machine that require user pressing a key for preferable language follow by another key for service category. To cut short waiting time if you happen to know its sequence of answering the voice machine, just make use the p key for a pause – 123456789 (calling number to voice machine) p (pause) 1 (language option) p (pause) 3 (service category).

The w key are mostly used in some of the Nokia secret code (GSM secret code)

While writing a note or composing a SMS, pressing the * key will bring up the table of punctuation symbols. (Press the 1 key repeatedly will toggle some of the most frequently used punctuation marks)

While browsing the Calendar, pressing the * key will instantly move back to the current date.

While using the built-in calculator, pressing the * key will toggle +, -, x, / operator.

The numeric keys

While in Standby mode
– press 0 to instantly open Nokia N73 internet browser.
– press 1 to instantly accessing to voice mailbox.
– if speed dial function enabled and setup accordingly, pressing either one of the 2 – 9 key will instantly making a call to the contact that bound to the respective key.

While in the Nokia N73 icon-based menu page, each of the icons is relatively associated with the numeric key position. For example, press 9 in main Menu page will open the Tools menu page.

While browsing photos in Nokia N73, press the 5 key to zoom in and 0 to zoom out; press 4, 6, 2, or 8 key to move left, right, up, or down respectively.

In Nokia N73, how to insert a space, enter or insert a new line (similar to ENTER key in PC) and starting writing at next line?

While writing a note or composing a SMS, press 0 once to insert a space; press 0 for 3 times continuously will enter or insert a new line, similar to pressing ENTER key in PC.

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