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Unlock Nokia Cellphone For Free Of Charge

This is an educational guide to unlock a Nokia cellphone via the generic mastercode for free of charge!

Also including some of the common GSM secret codes used by most mobile phone manufactures such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, etc.
How to unlock a Nokia cellphone that locked by a network service provider or telco provider?
Please take note that unlock a cellphone that bound to a contract or sponsored by network service provider might be illegal! I’m not responsible for any consequences arise, if you’re using this education guide for illegal purpose.

NokiaFree is one of the great freeware version of Nokia unlock code generator. NokiaFree is used to calculate the Nokia unlock code of most Nokia cellphone, ranging from Nokia DCT1 to DCT4 generation, with a wide coverage on most cellphone network service providers around the world.

NokiaFree is a freeware version of Nokia unlock code calculator that used to generate Nokia unlock code to unlock a Nokia cellphone that locked by a service provider.

What is IMEI code of a Nokia cellphone?

The NokiaFree user interface is quite straight-forwards, except that some of you might not know what is IMEI code of a Nokia cellphone. The IMEI code (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique serial number tagged with each cellphone. Theoretically, there is no cellphone with duplicated IMEI code. Normally, user can retrieve the IMEI code by pressing *#06# on the keypad.
What is a Nokia DCT4 cellphone?

DCT4 simply refers to the platform and technology (particularly security) used by a Nokia cellphone.

Besides the IMEI code, NokiaFree requires the model of Nokia cellphone too. NokiaFree is well coded to unlock most, if not all, of the Nokia cellphone up to DCT4 generation.

If your Nokia model is not explicitly shown in the list, you may need to select the correspondent Nokia cellphone generation code, that’s DCT1, DCT2, DCT3, or DCT4.

For example, Nokia 7600, Nokia 8800, Nokia 8910, are among of DCT4 generation.

Having say that, NokiaFree is only working for Nokia cellphone of DCT1 to DCT4 generation, but NOT able to generate unlock code for Nokia N-Series (such as Nokia N73) or Nokia E-series (such as Nokia E50), which is categorized in Nokia BB5.0 generation.

As shown by NokiaFree Help dialog (by pressing the Help button), there are only five chances to get the correct unlock code to successfully unlock a Nokia cellphone! After that, it’s only able to unlock the Nokia cellphone via data cable (extra dollars to pay for expertise services)!

What is a Pin code and a Nokia security code?

Most of the Nokia cellphone supports 2 type of code, i.e. PIN code and security code. A pin code is the password used to protect the SIM card from unauthorized access. The Nokia security code, also known as Lock code, is the password used to protect Nokia cellphone from unauthorized access.
While enable both PIN code and Nokia security code (lock code) are essential to safeguard the interest of a cellphone owner, it could be a nightmare if you happen to forget them! Also, both PIN code and Nokia security lock code will be locked if you’ve entered wrong password for a limited number of tries!

Although, there are master codes used to unlock or reset the forgotten SIM card PIN code or Nokia security lock code.

In the case of forgotten PIN code, you need to get the PUK code (Personal Unblocking Key) from SIM card provider (normally it’s the cellphone network provider, such as T-Mobile, Vadafone, O2, Orange, Cingular, etc) to unblock the locked SIM card.

To unlock a forgotten Nokia security lock code, you need to get the 10-digits Nokia master code that’s generated based on respective IMEI code of the phone. Sadness to say that, this Nokia mastercode calculator is only works for DCT1/2/3/4 generation of Nokia cellphone. You’ll need a BB5 mastercode calculator to generate mastercode for Nokia N-Series (such as Nokia N73), Nokia E-series (such as Nokia E50), and other BB5.0 generation of Nokia cellphone.

What are the secret GSM codes for Nokia cellphone

Of course, *#06# is the most common GSM secret code, which retrieves IMEI code of a Nokia cellphone (and most other brands such as Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, etc).

*#0000# is used to retrieve software version, software release date, and compression type of a Nokia cellphone.

#pw+1234567890+1# is used to check the GSM network provider lock status.

#pw+1234567890+2# is used to check GSM network lock status.

#pw+1234567890+3# is used to check country lock status.

#pw+1234567890+4# is used to check SIM card lock status.

*#92702689# is used to check a Nokia cellphone serial number (IMEI), manufacture date (MMYY), purchase date (MMYY), last repair date (MMYY), transfer user data (not sure of its usage), and life timer (identical to total hours of the Nokia cellphone used to make/receive call, SMS, data download, etc). For Nokia N73, this secret GMS code is only displaying the life timer value. It’s identical to the All Calls duration (Menu -> Application -> Log -> Call Duration -> All Calls).

*3370# or #3370# is used to activate or deactivate EFRC (Enhanced Full Rate Codec) of a Nokia cellphone for the best sound quality. When the EFRC is enabled, it will reduce the overall talk-time by approximately 5%!

*4720# or #4720# is used to activate or deactivate HRC (Half Rate Codec) of a Nokia cellphone for a lower sound quality. When HRC is enabled, it will increase the overall Nokia cellphone talk-time for about 30%!

*#746025625# is claimed to send SMS for free, after the screen displaying SIM CLOCK STOP ALLOWED! Well, sadness to say that it’s just a rumor! Some source said that this secret GSM code is only used to enable power saving mode!

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  1. N73 Owner 01-04-07@16:08

    I’d came across this site and this site (GsmSolutionsLtd), both detailed that it’s almost impossible to unlock Nokia cellphones of BB5.

    I’ m not sure that Dejan Kaljevic has came out a working BaseBand5 (BB5) unlock tool box. But, according to gsmsolution reply in thread, exceprt as follow:

    …. the essence of BB5 is main procssor “RAP3G”. This name is codename used by Nokia to describe very good Texas Instrument integrtaed prcosseor developed for mobile solutions. It’s new technolgy OMAP 1710(up to 220 MhZ).

    Most of the vital terminal/phone information such as locks, customisation etc have been encrypted/signed using a private key before downloading to the phone. This happens in the production phase.
    If the information is is changed (ie lock status) the phone will recognise this and will not switch on.
    The security system of the phone will apply a reset to the phone after 3 minutes if the security certificate is missing. If the certificate becomes corrupted the phone will reset every 30 seconds.

    So to summerize:
    BaseBand5 is structured in 2 blocks:
    -application engine (AE) and cellularphone engine (CE)
    -both are operating indepenently from each other (different OSes)
    -both are heavily secured against modifications with all kinds of checksums and public/private key encryption (certificates)
    -there is no direct way to communicat/interface CE (Unknown OS); only very indirectly through AE
    -AE (Symbian) does not allow to load device drivers which are not included in the ROM (Z:\)
    -unlock keys are not based on algorithms but on randomly chosen keys stored in some Nokia database where we probably never get access to
    -private keys of Nokia are unkown and its also very likely that we never get access to it
    -checksums of Nokia’s public keys along with some loader code are probably stored on processor (OMAP1710 has a internal ROM of 48kb, RAP3G could have something similar)
    -RAP3G is not for sale, OMAP1710 is only for cooperated customers with high quantity sales (so no way getting virgin, non Nokia branded, processors to replace them) >>>>

    the advice stated that:
    DO NOT buy unlock software for Nokia bb5 handsets IT WILL NOT WORK
    DO NOT buy unlock hardware for Nokia bb5 handsets IT WILL NOT WORK

  2. jacob 01-04-07@16:49

    Another Nokia mastercode calculator for DCT3 – DCT4 at this site.

    To find out the list of phones in Nokia DCT3, DCT4, BB5, etc, follow this link

  3. uwais 08-09-07@18:09

    I forgotten my nokia security code which was i changed from12345 can you tell me please how to unlock it?

  4. maserati 14-09-07@17:34

    i own a nokia 6085, which is a “DCT1” generation.
    the program “NokiaFREE Calculator” only supports “DCT2” – “DCT4”.

    please correct the text above.

    please help me to find a free software to unlock my 6085…

    thx, maserati

  5. mehul 06-10-07@17:48

    i hae a nokia n70 and there are may problems eg.i dont get calls ,i have 2 put it on loud speaker to hear and its memmory card slot is not working

    can u tell me what 2 do

  6. jayan 04-11-07@23:30

    hii… i have forget my nokia n73 security lock code…..how can i get the code ……..

  7. shahid 16-11-07@03:58

    hi salame yarr i have n73 but that is i think having simlocked that is not accepting any sim card and showing the text ” sim card registration failed ” plz tell me what shuould i do now and i i bought by someone at that time that was running well but after 1 week that happend with me now plz reply me

  8. Naeemuj 16-12-07@00:07

    I forgotten my nokia n73 security code which was i changed from12345 can you tell me please how to unlock it?Thanks

  9. swadesh 18-12-07@19:07

    I have usb cable & software of N1600 but its not detected in comp. Plz tell me abt its browser software

  10. nick 25-12-07@21:05

    own a nokia 6085, which is a “DCT1″ generation.
    the program “NokiaFREE Calculator” only supports “DCT2″ – “DCT4″.

    please correct the text above.

    please help me to find a free software to unlock my 6085…

  11. Walker 25-12-07@23:06

    I just don’t believe that Nokia 6085 is DCT-1.

  12. Kush 28-12-07@16:05

    Hi I have Nokia N72 and hae lost my security code i need the code as i have format my phone plz help me to regain it back plz will be waiting for ur reply reply on my e-mail. id

  13. fezal 06-01-08@03:42

    i have n 73 i want to some softwer of sis file but that’s not suported do me fever wat must i do?

  14. Ajitabh 13-01-08@02:48

    Hi I have Nokia N72 and hae lost my security code i need the code as i have format my phone plz help me to regain it back plz will be waiting for ur reply reply on my e-mail. id

  15. rao zain 17-01-08@17:10


    i have baught a nokia n73 (used)

    i wan to lock its keypad with a password but there is already a password in that slot but the lock is deactivated my the older user of my phone

    plz tell me the way to break this code!

  16. salman 01-02-08@18:26

    i have nokiaE50….
    i forgot its security code…….
    plz tell me what to do…………..will surely apritiate if u help me out…..

  17. Ajay 14-02-08@22:14

    i have nokia n70 i forgot my security code please help me

  18. starling 18-02-08@22:07

    I ve nokia N72.My mobile IMEL no. is 356966012027605.would you mind sendine me lock code for this…waiting for the reply..thanks you..

  19. SHIVRAJ 22-02-08@01:30

    I have NOKIA N72 phone. I want that network name to be hidden from screen .
    pls tell me solution.

  20. sarmad 24-02-08@04:43

    i m having N-72
    i have forgotten my security code after changing that
    please help me formating the phone so that i can reset the code

  21. niyaz 24-02-08@18:33

    i have nokia n70 i forgot my security code please help me

  22. AmirAshkanZeinoddini 25-02-08@20:31

    Hi I have Nokia N72 and hae lost my security code i need the code as i have format my phone plz help me to regain it back plz will be waiting for ur reply reply on my e-mail. id

  23. manish 25-02-08@23:52

    I forgotten my nokia n73 security code which was i changed from12345 can you tell me please how to unlock it?
    please tell

  24. pranav 27-02-08@02:56

    i have changed lock code of n73 from 12345 to some number and now i have forgotten it plz plz plz help me

  25. arnold15 28-02-08@09:46

    hello… i have nokia 6288 but the list on the application nokia 6288 is not inluded?/ what is the alternate unit for that problem??

  26. Walker 29-02-08@03:17

    @arnold and all, please vet through the very first comment for the reason.

  27. mohd kashif 29-02-08@04:48

    i have nokia 6085, which is a “DCT1″ generation.
    the program “NokiaFREE Calculator” only supports “DCT2″ – “DCT4″.

    please help me to find a free software to unlock my 6085

  28. Walker 29-02-08@19:53

    Nokia 6xxx series is the largest family of Nokia phones, with most of them are mid-range to high-end containing a high amount of features. None of this series of phone is of DCT1.

    6085 is a clamshell phone, out in 2007.

  29. MN REZA 04-03-08@17:20

    I have Nokia N 70 handset. i used internet with this set. when i updated anti virus definition symantec Live update.. after complete download message appeared in restart . After restarting the phone doesn’t boot . what should i do now…??

  30. Sirocco 07-03-08@16:27

    Hello,, i have forgotten te security code of my nokia 8800 sirocco gold.
    How can i unlock it?
    pleas help me.
    Thanks for all

  31. Naeemuj 10-03-08@18:03

    Hello,, i have forgotten the security code of my nokia n73.
    How can i unlock it?
    pleas help me.
    Thanks for all

  32. Stefz 12-03-08@05:10

    Hy, please tell me how do i unlock my E50 security code.. i don-t know it and i don`t now how to find it… my IMEI is 351892016367364 . Please send me on e-mail the security code, pleasee!!! :(((

  33. flow 18-03-08@00:24

    Can i please have the master code generator algorithym steps,flow chart or psudo code
    I need it for my assignment please.
    before the “06 May”

  34. Adeel 30-03-08@20:33

    i have forgotten my nokia n 73 security code , i had changed it previously. the IMEI is 356260010051241

  35. Dee 31-03-08@17:30

    I have a nokia 6288 model. I forgot my security code and changed it from 12345 long ago. How can i hack into it?

    Please help

  36. ZIA AHMAD HAIDARI 02-04-08@10:56

    salam. whoever you are if you can help me in unlocking my mobile n70 music edition. i will really appreciate your cooperation.thanks

  37. Awan 03-04-08@02:50

    hi i am awan krishna shrestha from nepal and i have nokia 6681.My imei is 355660002074013 and i lost my security code.Can anyone help me or mail me please.

  38. Syed Omer 18-04-08@15:38

    For Any problem on N72 , N70 , N73 or Any N Series. Format it By Dialing



    Hold Call Button
    While Holding iT Press *
    While Holding this to hold 3
    While Holding This three Buttons SWITCH OFF Ur Fone
    Don’t Stop Holding
    When the phone completely Switch Off
    While Holding This Three Buttons Switch it On

    Now Ur Completely Formated

    Ur Out of any Problem

  39. rahul 23-04-08@22:34

    i want to format my NOKIA N72 so please give me formating code of this mobile

  40. Tateyou 01-05-08@19:43

    Just for info, I earned a Nokia Sirocco. Need help to reset my security code. Thanks

  41. Vijay Chouhan 17-05-08@15:15

    Hello,, i have forgotten the security code of my nokia n72.
    How can i unlock it?
    pleas help me.
    Thanks for all

  42. zaid 23-05-08@10:59

    Hello, I have a problem my nokia N72 phone is asking for PUK code, and it says that my pin code is blocked please help me.

  43. Walker 23-05-08@17:29

    Hi Zaid, the PUK code is used to unlock forgotten PIN code.

    PUK code is sort of master code and is normally given by SIM card provider (i.e. telco/mobile phone service provider) at FOC (free of charge).

  44. Rahim 25-05-08@11:35

    Salam, My girl friend just gave me a nokia n73 but it is tied to the phone company in Portugal and I am working abroad so I would appreciate that someone could help me to unlock it so I can use it abroad also! Thanks!

  45. jude 29-06-08@18:19

    I have a nokia 6288 and I want to unlock it I need to know what generation it is? Thanks

  46. Walker 29-06-08@21:30

    Nokia 6288 is of BB5 generation released on year 2006.

  47. Sarah 30-06-08@11:13

    I got the new nokia 3120 classic in Europe I tried to unlocked already but I was told in 3 different places that this phone cannot be unlock yet anywhere in the world its that true?

    thanks from Chicago,

  48. Walker 30-06-08@20:55

    Hi Sarah, I think the very first comment has spoken the answer…

  49. akhtar 19-07-08@10:15

    i have a samsung SGH-G600 phone, i am having a problem of network rejected while i am making a call and receiving a call, my phone is giving me a message of network rejected, i am getting this problem just on airtel and any other mobile network services as like vodaphone, idia, bsnl are working properly. and my airtel sim card is working properly in other phone. i am getting this problems on all airtel sim card. so plz give me a suggestion to fix this problem. plz………………………………..

    your thankfully

  50. Walker 19-07-08@10:24

    Apparently, your phone IMEI has been locked by the telco, i,e. airtel.

    Normally, once the IMEI is locked by one telco, the rest of the local telcos will follow as well.

  51. How To Crack Targus DEFCON CL Laptop Lock BY CHANCE In 3 Seconds? – Walker News 20-07-08@13:41

    […] there a master unlock code of this 30 over bucks cable lock, that allowed him to crack it so […]

  52. maja 22-07-08@05:13

    hi, I would like to know if it’s possible to unlock nokia 5310XpressMusic, because if it’s not,I won’t buy it :) thanx

  53. Rodger 30-07-08@10:23

    As Walker as already stated, but I want to re-enforce.. Nokia 6085 is NOT DCT1, it is BB5.

    Maja – Expressmusic series is also BB5, so no it won’t unlock through the common free methods.. you will have to buy one that is already unlocked.

    Sarah, the 3120 Classic is a BB5 phone, so manual user unlocks are not possible (at this time)

  54. Rodger 30-07-08@10:33

    to All, there is only a handful of BB5 phones that can be unlocked by IMEI#’s (at this time) most of them are phones that no one is selling anymore..

    so before you buy, or before you perma-lock your phone by trying these free methods. Ask yourself this, how much will your Service Profider Charge to unlock it, and can you afford it or would you rather pay even more for a new (unlocked) phone….

    that said, think hard, and happy phoning :-)

  55. bryan 17-08-08@13:00

    hi mr. walker.

    can u pls help me on my problem?

    my phone is Nokia N73,
    the problem is i forgot the security code.

    my younger sister changed the sim card,
    unfortunately the phone requesting for the lock code or security code.

    so that, i cannot open my phone.

    Please Help Me!!

    How can i open my phone?
    How can i get the lock code or security code?
    How can i get IMEI # of my phone if i can’t open it??

    i Need your reply!!


  56. Walker 17-08-08@13:49

    Bryan, sorry to say that I can’t help you on this. If you vet through the comments, you know that.

    Anyway, if your N73 is in factory setting mode, the N73 unlock code is defaulted to 12345. If this is not working, then you’ve to recall what number you’d used for the lock code/security code (maximum 5-digits).

    Btw, do you able to use the phone by putting back the original SIM card?

    Good luck.

  57. Brian 06-11-08@22:25

    I would like to generate a new IMEI for my Nokia N73. Can You help?

  58. bebeto 06-12-08@20:26

    hi bryan

    i face a problem just like u even if the master code can’t do any thing for me i get the IMEI from the back of the mobile.

    Just remove the battery and search for numbers separated by “/” the type them in order so that is ur IMEI.

    But remember after u get the IMEI and unlock ur phone tell me how u did it!!!!!!!

  59. ravneet 08-12-08@17:11

    i have a problem this is asking for puk number , and when i put puk number then its asking for new pin code , what that plz help me ( nokia N72)

  60. Walker 09-12-08@00:43

    Hi there, please read the section “What is a Pin code and a Nokia security code?” above.

    The PUK code is used to reset a forgotten PIN code (of SIM card).

    If it ask for new PIN code after you enter PUK code, meaning you’ve to enter a new PIN code as prompted.

  61. Barry 17-01-09@23:56

    I’ve read most of the posts so far, & understand that you believe it’s not possible to unlock BB5 phones (Nokia 6085). However, there are services that for a fee, claim to unlock these phones too. Any observations or comments about this?
    I don’t mind paying a small amount. I’ve got a specific reference to model & BB5 remote codes from gsm-unlocking.com in montreal. They seem competent????

  62. How To Reset Nokia N73 Lock Code Or Security Code? 04-02-09@00:10

    […] if you’re kind, just drop me a comment to tell me the truth. (Syed Omer left a reply about this trick on last April, but I didn’t take it seriously. Sorry, […]

  63. satish 12-04-09@13:55

    superb tricks………….10x

  64. princess 23-04-09@18:31

    hi .. i can’t get my IMEI because the first thing that will appear in my phone when you turn it on is already “entr the unlock code” . what should i do? the model is 3600 slide. thanks. pls reply.

  65. Walker 23-04-09@22:30

    Is the IMEI number printed on the circuit board?

  66. Dean Allwood 29-05-09@02:56

    M8 i bought a fone off ebay it worked gr8 for a while now it reads sim reg failed now n again it works but most of time it dont can u help or is my fone doomed :(

  67. ira 31-05-09@10:17

    plss help me….I forgot my password and because of it i can’t open my cellphone because it needs to enter lock code….how can i unlock it again…my cellphone’s unit is N76…I really need your help

  68. Tina 06-06-09@09:46

    I have a nokia 6085 that i cant remember the code to enter when you turn it on. my husband changed it and now cant remember we have tried the 12345 i have tired some numbers found online and it keeps saying code error, i was told i may have to take it in to get it wiped and restored how can i do this and over ride the code without going through rogers

    please email me back asap

  69. Walker 07-06-09@00:00

    Please get the Nokia service centre or third party locksmith to fix it.

  70. val 10-06-09@15:18

    Been looking for some codes to unlock my nokia 6085. Really appreciate if you could help.
    Thanks so much!

  71. HENRY CHOK 25-06-09@09:27

    I have a NOKIA 6120 Classic, I was trying to lock in pin code, and has accidentally activated it. I dont know what I have entered, I try many times but cannot open the code.
    Can anyone help me?

  72. HENRY 25-06-09@09:50

    My Nokia 6120 classic is always on offline mode, how do I switch it to online mode?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  73. LILIAKU 26-06-09@05:04

    I have a NOKIA 3600 Slide

    Can it be unlocked with a code ?

  74. Rashan 29-06-09@17:32

    I have a 6288 how can it unlocked???

    It asking restriction code

    Can somebody give me the code………….

  75. mussa 03-07-09@23:55

    Hi, I have Nokia E50, and it has been locked by a Uk -vodafone, I know its IMEI number, and it’s on offline mode. CAn you help me to unlock it, and put it on online mode please!. thanks

  76. junaid maan 15-07-09@00:18

    me want to break the password of n73

  77. nandita 17-07-09@02:44

    omg omg …… the three button reset worked, i mean it went all fine n then asked for a security code , which i had forgetten btw…after checking a few websites i tried 12345 n it wouldnt work but 0000 worked!!!

  78. aditya 20-07-09@02:37

    i own a nokia 6085, which somehow got locked and now it asks for a security code. i tried 12345 but it does not seem to work ,please help..

  79. Eloise 20-07-09@17:09

    I have a nokia 6120 classic which is lock to a certain network provider.
    Any idea how to unlock it?

  80. raJA tamil 25-08-09@22:45

    i am forget my lock code.please open to help for me

  81. Raja 27-08-09@04:22

    Hi I forgot my lock code please help if possible. The model is Nokia 2135 type is RH-108 Thank you so much!

  82. anthony 28-08-09@14:30

    hi ,i forgot my nokia n70 code,how can i get my IMEI if i can’t open my cellphone,my details on the battrey cover are RM-84,model:n70-1

  83. shabeer 28-08-09@16:41

    (nokia6120c)forgot my pesonal lock code ; phone this time off
    help me

  84. sagar 31-08-09@17:23

    Can any one help me to unlock my Nokia E50 and locked to O2 Ireland.
    I would be thankful to you indeed.


  85. george farquharson 07-09-09@05:00

    how can i unlock nokia phone 2610 net work is lime in jamaica i would love to utalize a digicel sim card in this phone

  86. Dhanurjaya 10-09-09@22:32

    I forgotten my nokia n73 security code which was i changed from12345 to something can you tell me please how to unlock it plz plz………because i am facing a lot of problem so plz…….help me?Thanks

  87. chefaustra 30-09-09@02:45

    need to network unlock E65. can anyone help please?

  88. Jos 01-10-09@01:07

    I have a Nokia N91 , its not being used but can switch on an use functions of the fone except make calls. I want to check what sim cards have been used on this specific phone, any help or suggestions?

  89. Arginal 02-10-09@14:28

    I have a nokia 2630 and require the PUK code for it please. Can u help me?

  90. Walker 02-10-09@23:09

    The PUK code is used to unlock a locked SIM card, you should get it from the telco (SIM card provider).

  91. allenom 23-10-09@14:59

    i’ve tried the hard reset for nokia n73, but the lock code is still not reset to its original code of 12345,

  92. chandrakanta 01-11-09@00:27

    i have nokia n73 phone i have forgot my security code so ican not lock my phone again

  93. sanjeev 13-11-09@01:51

    I have a nokia 6300 i have forgot my security code so i can not reset my phone again. please help me!

  94. Emma 29-11-09@13:50

    I forgot d password to my phone nokiaN72,Pls can u give me a master code to unlock it.

  95. Levi 01-12-09@20:33

    I have a Nokia E65 that i tried to unlock via the Nokia Free Calculator v. 3.10. Before i learned that it had to be unlocked via the BB5 Calculator. The phone has locked me out after I entered the code 5 times incorrectly. Is there anyway that I can unlock it the right way…without sending it in or paying an arm and a leg. Please help me.. I need step by step instructions..I would really appreciate it.

  96. danielle garner 05-12-09@20:48

    i have a nokia n95 8gb and have forgot my lock code can some one help me please

  97. SAGREE 14-12-09@17:52

    My keypad is locked and I forgot the password. How can I break the password to be able to use my phone again

  98. Janis 31-12-09@20:13

    Happy New Year!
    I have a problem with my phone. My girlfriend wanted to find out what’s on my spare phone, which is Nokia 6288. I have all my friends birthdays and contacts on it and now i can’t send my New Years Greetings to my Friends. Can you please help me to unlock it.
    Thank you very much :)

    All The best in 2010!!!

  99. Twinkie 19-01-10@14:58

    Hi Janis, you will be able to unlock your Nokia 6288 phone by using unlock codes that are available on http://www.prounlocking.com/unlock-your-phone/rs8wp2/ ..

  100. Diana 20-02-10@14:21

    Hello. How you doin? I have bought a Nokia 2730 classic prepaid off my sister that is locked to vodafone and I want to unlock it so I can put my Optus sim in it. Could you please help me to do so. I have paid for but not yet revieved a code from remoteunlocks. Think I might have been a little to keen there some how. Thank you for your time.


  101. Walker 20-02-10@15:47

    Hi Diana, the site you paid is not affiliate of WalkerNews.net.

    This free software posted here is only capable to unlock phone of DCT1-4 generation.

  102. alex 10-03-10@16:16

    I have a Nokia E65 The phone has locked me out after I entered the code 5 times incorrectly. Is there anyway that I can unlock it the right way… Please help me.. TIA?

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