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Microsoft 3D Windows Manager Codenamed Task Gallery

Microsoft 3D windows manager project codenamed Task Gallery.

Microsoft Research team had begun to develope a novel 3D windows manager since 1999, which they call it the Task Gallery.

Anyway, the Task Gallery 3D windows manager hasn’t been entirely implemented for any Microsoft Windows operating systems, not even in Windows Vista 3D Flip or Windows Aero interface.
Perhaps, the Task Gallery will be fully realized in Windows Vienna, which is the next Microsoft Windows OS that replaces Windows Vista somewhere after 2009.

If you’re going to add similar features of Windows Flip 3D or Windows Aero for Windows XP, you can try the Japanese freeware called madodate!

Although there is no download of this unusual 3D windows manager, there is a rather bulky video (72MB) that attractively showing how the Task Gallery in action!

With the Task Gallery running, the traditional Windows Desktop turns as a long gallery with paintings on the walls that represents different tasks, and the user moves quickly and easily from one to another with a simple series of mouse and keyboard commands.

Microsoft Research team had begun to write a novel 3D windows manager in 1999, which they called it Task Gallery.

According to Microsoft research team, the Task Gallery is entirely written in high performance C++ coding, using the Win32 and Direct3D API.

This Task Gallery 3D windows manager can get any normal, unmodified windows application to run inside of a 3D windows environment. User can customize the layout of tasks. Files and applications are in a snapshot format rather than icons to make them easier for retrieval.

Downlaod video of the Task Gallery – the 3D windows manager

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