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How To Turn Off Nokia N73 Blue Light LED

How to turn off or switch off the Nokia N73 blinking blue light LED?
I am sure that almost every Nokia N73 owner has been asking a same question on the first day getting the N73. Definitely, I am one this group of people!

In fact, the answer is in the Nokia N73 user guide, but there are just many “geek” not bother to read the manual.
It’s just a simple guide or tips to turn off the irritated blinking blue light.

Nokia N-Series smartphone keypad functions. This is a screen-shot of Nokia N73 keypad that is running on Symbian OS S60 3rd Edition user interface.

Press the menu key (label as A), Tools, Settings, Phone, Display, and turn off the Sleep mode setting. That’s all to get rid off the N73 blinking blue light!

Nokia N73 tips. How to turn off the Nokia N73 blinking blue light LED.

But, beware of the consequence by switching off N73 blue light!

According to N73 user guide, the blinking blue light used to inform everyone (including its owner) that it’s not “death”, but is in the deep sleep mode to save battery power reserves!

By default, N73 factory setting turns on the sleep function, which will black out N73 screen display to achieve optimum battery power saving mode.

So, the N73 blinking blue light is served as a power indicator. If you see the blue blinking while the screen looks blank and black, it means N73 is still power on. Without that blue light, no one could tell that N73 is power on, until any key is pressed to light on the screen.

As the screen is lit on and screen saver is playing to protect the screen from burning, the battery power reserve will depleting at faster rate and in turn shorten the battery life as well.

If you like to show off a customized slide-show screen saver, or irritated by the siren alike blinking blue LED, just turn off the N73 sleep function!

Anyway, I find that the N73 blue light LED is cool like a blinking star at night! And also its great power saving sleep function!

P/S: The N73 blinking blue led is also indicating Bluetooth availability!

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  1. nismogurl 21-03-07@10:38

    Oh… I didnt know there’s this blinking blue light LED function!!! Hmmm… gotta switch it on!

  2. antony 30-04-07@21:38

    ihi i am using n73 for past5 days,.,.but it swithes off all at a sudden without any reason ,sometimes while receiving a call or while unused.,.,.wat may b the reason

  3. Walker 01-05-07@02:02

    Antony, looks like your Nokia N73 or the battery is causing the problem. If your friend mind to swap the battery for testing, that will be good, or you might need to get the reseller help.

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  5. sherwin 11-08-07@17:39

    heyy can u tell me how to put the slide show screen saver on with the back light…….. cos every time my slideshow starts the screen is very dark hence i cant see any slideshow

  6. Walker 12-08-07@23:42

    Hi sherwin, I think it’s neither possible nor pratical to totally turn of the light time-out and power saver time-out features. Though, it’s possible to turn off the sleep mode feature (which I believe you do) and get the screen saver shown in a dim display (for power saving).

  7. hannah 10-02-08@23:10

    hi i have got a nokie N73 and it wont turn on.When i try to turn it on it lights up and shows (which looks like a burn mark ) a cracked screen, it is not cracked at all, its underneath the screen. it has not come incontact with water or been crushed ( like when someone sites on it )
    please help! thanks

  8. rahmanmm 13-02-08@16:49

    how can i restore the password for the lock code of my n73….. i accidentally forgot it… pls help… tnx.

  9. george 14-06-09@03:23

    there is a program or something like that to make the blue led flashing faster or something like that? :-?

  10. kimsay 07-08-09@12:49

    I want to download torch light for my nokia N73.

  11. Thilan 15-08-09@11:18

    hello im also using a nokia n73…i have problem with talk time… once i fully charge i can talk for i hour….then after one hour the suddenly low battery indicator shitche on….because of that i need to charge my phone twise a day.. i also replaced a new battery.. pls tall what the problem is…??????

  12. Selva 24-08-09@21:22

    hi people,
    I’ve Nokia N73 Music edition… recently i intended to update software. it got hanged in the middle of installation. i sought the help of reseller but they said tat the phone memory is not getting flashed out. my warranty period has expired.

    from others’ polls i infer tat i’ve bricked my phone.. i tried the “3 fingers” reset technique i.e call+3+* buttons.. it didn’t work out. is there any solution for my mobile?

    Thank you..

  13. moon 28-08-09@18:06

    hibro if n73 lcd blinking so how we can enter in menu becausa we cant see anything on screen

  14. Ram 09-10-09@12:09

    Hey guys, i hav got my nokiaN73 10 months ago and itz getting switcd off automatically for no reasons….cud anyone help me to solve this problem

  15. munna 05-12-09@19:27

    ihi i am using n73 for past5 days,.,.but it swithes off all at a sudden without any reason ,sometimes while receiving a call or while unused.,.,.wat may b the reason

    iam update new firmware in nokia care center but its giving same proble wht can i do

  16. tahir 21-12-09@01:14

    u make setting but blue led not working

  17. Imran 14-06-10@03:03

    I have a nok n73 befor 11 mount.. But its getting switch off automatically at a sudden without touch any button..

  18. eezy 14-06-10@10:16

    hello, i got a nokia n73 and its bluetooth wouldn’t come on at all . it keeps giving me the error message “unable to perform bluetooth operation”. but when i format the phone it starts working normally again but then after a while it starts giving me that message again. and i cant just keep flashing me phone to use the bluetooth.. pls help..

  19. Jatinder kumar 06-08-10@21:06

    Hello sir
    when i use internet using default browser and try to download something, i got a message “not enough memory to perform the operation delete some data first” although i hve 8 MB of free phone memory and 350MB of card memory. Give me some solution

  20. Bare Choji 15-09-10@08:26

    Hello,i realized that the blue sleep mode blinker makes my batt deplet at a faster rate.Also my main camara seems not 2 function properly.I can’t snap with it cos it shows me a blank display.Please help.

  21. Caroline 03-01-11@07:57

    I usually switch my N73 onto silent whilst at work. Then turn it back onto general again after. But for some reason I cant switch back onto the general profile from silent. Can anyone help please? It would be much appreciated.

  22. Walker 04-01-11@00:32

    Update the phone firmware, if it’s not the latest, to see if it helps.

  23. Dj Nick Blue 23-01-11@05:31


    I want to turn on the blue light but don’t work :|
    I did all but nothing.

    Please help me or the blue light sensor could be broken or something ?

  24. Nelly 05-03-11@05:05

    Works for me…Tnx :))

  25. Mushtaq 06-06-12@17:02

    I want to show date and time while the mobile is on standby mode. How ?

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