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How To Enable Full-Text Feed RSS In WordPress 2.1

It’s really a frustrated to get full-text feed working in WordPress 2.1. Setting the Syndication Feeds in Reading Options to show full-text has no effect at all, if you’re using the <!--more--> (Read more…) link to show post excerpt in main page (of your blog).

I am not sure since which version of WordPress started to have similar problem. Apparently, full-text feed is not working in WordPress 2.1 onwards, even in the latest WordPress 2.1.2.

So, how to enable full-text feed to work in WordPress 2.1?
There are only two ways to resolve this problem. You could either install a full-text feed plugin or make a simple hack in post-template.php file.

Install Full Text Feed WordPress plugin provided by Cavemonkey50

Just download this plugin from cavemonkey50, extract it, upload full_feed.php file to the WordPress plugin directory, and activate it in Plugin page. That’s all to get full-text feed back in WordPress 2.1.

Tweaking the post-template.php file in wp-includes directory

Thanks to Cacturion! I’ve opted to use this hack instead, as the full-text feed of both RSS 2 and ATOM 0.3 have passed the feed validation test!

Cacturion full-text feed hacking guide

1) While in the WordPress Admin page, click on Manage tab and then the Files tab,

2) Type wp-includes/post-template.php filename in Other Files section to edit this PHP source code file,

3) Look for this line of PHP code


and change it to

if(preg_match('/<!--more(.+?)?-->/',$content,$matches) && !is_feed()){

4) Click on the Update File button to save change. That’s all to get the full-text feed working in WordPress 2.1.

Cacturion has posted this hack in WordPress support forum since 2 months ago. By just adding back the is_feed () function to post-template.php file and the full-text feed is working in WordPress 2.1. But, what’s the reason of WordPress developers to take out this is_feed () function from post-template.php?

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