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Nokia N73 SISX Freeware & Game Hide In Taiwan

Last few days I was busy searching SISX freeware for my Nokia N73 Music Edition, and write up the Ultimate Nokia N73 SISX Freeware For Download, which are mostly available for download from non-Nokia official sites.

Today let me share with you some of the great SISX freeware and games for directly download from Nokia official site in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China respectively! I am not sure the motif of Nokia to “hide” all these SISX freeware in Nokia Chinese sites. Maybe it is due to licensing issues, as many of these are developed in respective countries. Anyway, I’ve downloaded all of them and installed successfully without problem!

Nokia N73 QR Code Reader / QuickMark Scanner

This is a great SISX freeware that utilize Nokia N73 superb Carl Zeiss 3.2 mega-pixel digital camera!

Could read out the secrets encoded in these two pictures? These are the OR Code ( QuickMark ) that I’ve generated from winksite.com. Once you’ve download Nokia N73 OR Code Reader, execute it and focus Nokia N73 camera to one of these QR Code, immediately you know the secret message encoded!

www.WalkerNews.net QR Code, or QuickMark, that can be read by Nokia N73 SISX freeware QR Code ScannerSecret encoded in QR Code, or QuickMark, that can be decoded by Nokia N73 SISX freeware version QR Code Reader

Nokia N73 Business Card Reader

This is another really amazing and useful SISX freeware that using Nokia N73 main camera to snapshot one or multiple pieces of business card and automatically created contact records that containing name, telephone, fax number, mobile number, email, mailing address, career position, etc! While the information is not 100% correctly filled, at least the key data such as name, email, mobile phone number are accurately captured with most of my business cards!

3D Screen-saver for Nokia N73

If 2D is bored, try something new with 3D. This SISX freeware install some 3D screen savers in Nokia N73 to replace the default date / time screen saver.

Microsoft Live Messenger / MSN

Isn’t nice to chat via MSN with Nokia N73? Yes, if you’re affording to subscribe 3G unlimited data download package! This will be a good SISX freeware, if Nokia N73 built-in WIFI support and be able to surf for free-of-charge at public hotspot area like airport! Sadness to say that Nokia N73 not comes with WIFI!

Spy Escape Flash Game

I love and and I hate this dummy flash game! It really makes me crazy for not able to complete all five missions of the game. I used to play it during my long call (in toilet), lunch hour, in the tube. Oh yes, this flash game is not just for Nokia N73, as I can play it in my Windows Vista too! Place mouse over words next to the gun icon and press ENTER key. To play the flash game, just press right or left arrow keys once and the spy will moving to the right or left and climb up staircase to next level. It’s really a dummy flash game, but it is challenge for me! It’s about timing and patient to complete all the 5 missions of this DUMMY game!

Nokia N73 Theme DIY

This freeware is used to create themes for Nokia N73. The program offers 6 colors of theme template to start building with wallpaper, background music, and theme effects.

Hot Sites Links for Nokia N873

This is merely a SISX package that installs some internet bookmark links, such as PC Home, Nokia, UDN News, Tenki Weather, Phone Daily, EZ Travel, MSN, Yahoo!, Yam, Wretch, etc.

Email Sites For Nokia N73

Similar to Hot Sites, Email Sites merely install the shortcut to access Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail.

Feng Shui advisor for the year of boar

For those Feng Shui follower, get this SISX freeware Feng Shui 2007 installed on your Nokia N73 now! Feng Shui for the year of boar featured feng shui tips for each month of 2007, feng shui tips to avoid bad luck while increase chances of good luck, a tiger head wallpaper that said to bring good luck for people of the year of snake and boar, etc.
– 2008 is the Year of Mice!

Adventure Racing SISX Game Adventure Racing SISX Game
Oh my god, it’s a two-players game via Bluetooth! Of course, it could be played as solo game as well. Choose your favorite venue, vehicle, steering, and get ready to race on road with obstacles (don’t get hit)!

Game of hitting dummies (or your enemy) Game of hitting dummies (or your enemy)
This SISX game has a number of portraits, or you can snap a photo of your enemies, and hit them with your Nokia N73.

SISX Mahjong Game for Nokia N73 SISX Mahjong Game for Nokia N73
Do you like the Titan Mahjong in Windows Vista? This is a freeware SISX mahjong game to play on Symbian OS S60 3rd Edition, and of course on your Nokia N73 as well. Now, you can play and practice mahjong while at anywhere, anytime!

SISX Big2 Chinese Porker Game SISX Big2 Chinese Porker Game
Big 2, also known as Chor Dai Di, is a Chinese version of poker card game. If you’d play Net Big2 in Windows before, you might also like to play Big 2 on your Nokia N73! MBounce Big 2 game is packaged for Symbian OS S60 3rd Edition.

Carnage (Godzilla Fighting Game) Carnage (Godzilla Fighting Game)
Kill that Godzilla with your Nokia N73 key-pad, without the help from Spiderman, Ultraman, or Superman. You’re the hero!

Survivor Game Survivor Game
This is yet another 2-players game via Bluetooth – saved yourself from the sea monster!

SISX Street Fighters Game for Nokia N73 SISX Street Fighters Game for Nokia N73
Well, I can’t believe that my favorite Street Fighter arcade game could be played with my Nokia N73 too! Notable to say that this is a 3D street fighter game! Be careful, don’t get too excited until break the keypad!

Big Clock SISX screen-saver Big Clock SISX screen-saver
Nokia N73 built-in screen saver is a text-based date / time screen saver. Install this SISX freeware analog clock screen saver to get a new feeling now. How to change the Nokia N73 screen saver? While in the Menu screen, go to Tools, enter to Themes, highlight the active theme and press Options menu, followed by Edit menu – here are the options to change N73 screen saver and wallpaper!

Customized slide-show screen-saver Customized slide-show screen-saver
If you are happy with the clock screen saver, here is another SISX freeware that used to create a slide-show screen saver of photos captured and stored in Nokia N73!

SISX Contact card generator SISX Contact card generator
Short of business card to exchange with business partner or friends? Get this SISX freeware to help you create a soft-based, picture-format of business card with a portraits (of you) attached to it. Instead of sending a text-based contact, now you can send a nice “business card” as MMS too!

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  1. N73 Owner 18-03-07@12:25

    Wow…Nokia should have distributed all these SISX freeware to other official site. Business card reader for Nokia N73 and QR code reader are really useful symbian os freeware. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Eliena Andrews 18-03-07@13:25

    Thank you for sharing this nice information. Where can i get sisx softwares ? Can we expect more news about N73 on walkernews.net ?

    Best Regards
    Eliena Andrews

  3. nismogurl 19-03-07@13:28

    this is so cool! thanks for all the sharing and information! there’s another problem that after the memory card formatted, the original MBounce Sudoku game has gone… i wonder if anyone faces the same problem as mine. i try to search that game but to no avail! i wonder i could find it here…

  4. walker 20-03-07@00:16

    if possible, don’t ever install sisx application into memory card. I’ve tried once before. When the mini-SD card corrupted, I can’t even reinstall the sisx application until I formatted the phone memory.

    Me too, is looking hard for freeware sudoku game. If someone happen to have one, please share it out with us!

  5. nismogurl 20-03-07@09:24

    ouch… i’d installed all the software into my memory card.. but installing softwares into phone memory, wouldnt it make all the application slower n lag?

  6. walker 20-03-07@22:22

    There are pros and crons, either ways. Install sisx into phone memory definetely slow down performance and reduce free memory. I was so frustrated to get “not enough free memory” kind of message when I was just 1 more level to complete a flash game missions. But, as i said, installing into mini-SD card might cause a pain too when the filesystem corrupted.

    I’m not sure that the mini-SD card corrupted due to overheat. It happened to me when I was trasferring 1.2G rmvb file format of movies in the 2GB card. The N73 hangs up quite frequent too during continuous shooting mode.

  7. nismogurl 21-03-07@10:21

    Oh yeah.. I’m so frustrated too over the ‘hang’ matter during photo snapping or video recording! Is that some kind of malfunction for N73?!

    Guess we gotta transfer those photo or video which we seldom use into CD.. but what’s the use of the 2GB if we cant store as much photos/videos into the memory card!?

    Is there any forum in Nokia’s website for us to shoot our unsatisfactory? How many MP3 do you stored in your mini SD? I got about 50 and the phone operating system has already lag!

  8. Nisam TK 14-04-07@05:55

    Wow what a wonderful site which gives all the necessary software and Games for free.I just love it. Thanks for the Company

  9. sakti 25-05-07@09:51

    free symbian sisx ok

  10. Ramses 07-06-07@21:48

    Really loving this, got the N73 music edition yesterday and its really cool to see this stuff here available! THANKS

  11. vivek 12-06-07@19:58

    I just got a Nokia N73 ME. But was highly dissapointed when i listened to the music even through a Sony EX Monitor series headphones. Can someone provide me with some solutions to how to improve the sound quality of the cell.

  12. dildar hussain 16-06-07@23:24

    hi i nead n73new games plz

  13. Manish singh 25-06-07@15:43

    Plz help me out if any one give the link for anti virus 4 n73

  14. jamuz 28-06-07@22:07

    yea……..dude … u did a nice thing & u r right its absolutly working vry well…….. bt the business card reader is not gud if compare to sony ericson’s…. and also games r in chinese langauge… anyhw u did a wonderful thing…. keep going….

  15. ashwin 08-08-07@11:36

    thanks for sharing this info, it was very usefull with worth downloads.

  16. Partha Chatterjee 09-09-07@20:45

    looking for some new screen saver and freeware

  17. Nilesh 14-09-07@17:05

    I need more nokia n73 game

  18. karam 05-10-07@00:37

    Hi I need the UnMakeSisx Program if u send me?
    And i very thanks

  19. pratheesh 19-10-07@22:11

    thanks for the free softwares

  20. Prem Johnson 21-10-07@01:51

    Hi it really cool, all the softwares are good. Im looking for Folder Lock software for N73 model.
    If anyone knews plz let me know, I can download the same.

  21. Partha Chatterjee 15-11-07@01:04

    Looking for Big Caller Screen freeware for Nokia N73

  22. kishor 16-11-07@14:14

    thanks for given some important softweres

  23. satish 13-02-08@00:53

    its really nice site for download.
    I want antivirus for my nokia N 73 mobile.

  24. Kumar 17-06-08@20:42

    Hi, thanks for the softwares. Last day I saw panorama software in Sony Ericsson. It stitches 3 pictures to make it a big picture. Is there any software for Nokia N73. Please provide it.


  25. Anil 03-07-08@17:17

    I need a SISX for better Alarm operation on my N73. Im looking for daily alarms and multiple alarms (instead of just one)

    Please help !

    BTW your work so far is great !

  26. rajab 27-10-08@00:57

    i want free N73 folder lock software for my N73 mobile

  27. sridhar 08-12-08@23:43

    i am happy to know this website.

  28. kanhaiya 27-11-09@14:51

    heyy can i get sis to sisx convertor

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