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License To Tweak Adsense Code For New Blogger User

All serious Adsense users know that it’s illegal for making any changes to the original Adsense code. The original code generated from Adsense account must be kept intact when it’s saved in HTML source code.

However, New Blogger users are given a valid license to change Adsense code without worries of tampering Google Adsense TOS!
For example, New Blogger Adsense publisher used to replace <!-- and --> characters of the original Adsense code with &lt;!-- and --&gt; respectively.

Why they’ve to do so? How these changes could be legal?

Although New Blogger template looks much attractive than those of Old Blogger, there are many missing features. (New Blogger template is not highly customizable, as compare to the WordPress template.)

One of the difficulties of customizing New Blogger template is about controlling Adsense code placement in New Blogger template. They are supposed well integrated, as both Blogspot and Adsense are under the same roof of Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), but there are not!

It happened since Beta Blogger (and still the same in New Blogger), that you can’t simply copy and paste the original Adsense code into New Blogger template. The problem is the pair of <!-- and --> characters.

To fix this problem – in order to embed Adsense code inside New Blogger template, you’ve to replace these <!-- and --> characters with HTML code, i.e.

Change these characters

<!-- and -->

To HTML code representation

&lt;!-- and --&gt;

Without using trick, embedding the original Adsense code in New Blogger template will cause the New Blogger unable to save the template or the Adsense unit will not display properly.

That’s why most advanced New Blogger publishers will “legally” change the Adsense code – only the code appears different in New Blogger template, but the code appears exactly as original Adsense code when viewing them in the page source in web browser (right-click on webpage and click View Source or View Page Source)!

Although this is not officially announced, but it’s true that New Blogger will automatically replacing the doube-quote characters (") with &quot; HTML code as well!

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