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Anti-virus Software Comparison Feb 2007

It’s sad to know that branded anti-virus software don’t guarantee reliability of safeguarding computer from virus attack! You might want to consider using AntiVirusKit of G-Data Security, if you’re counting on Microsoft OneCare to protect your Windows XP from computer virus infection.

According to AV-Comparatives.org, Independent Comparative of Anti-virus Software that concluded on Feb 2007, none of the branded anti-virus software are found in the top five of computer virus detection ranking.
  1. G DATA Security AntiVirusKit (AVK) version 17.0.6254 » 99.45%
  2. AEC TrustPort AV WS version » 99.36%
  3. AVIRA AntiVir PE Premium version » 98.85%
  4. F-Secure Anti-Virus version 7.01.128 » 97.91%
  5. MicroWorld eScan Anti-Virus version 8.0.671.1 » 97.89%

  6. Kaspersky Labs Kaspersky AV version » 97.89%
  7. Symantec Norton Anti-Virus version » 96.83%
  8. ESET NOD32 Anti-Virus version 2.70.23 » 96.71%
  9. GriSoft AVG Anti-Malware version 7.5.441 » 96.37%
  10. Softwin BitDefender Professional version 10 7.11190 » 96.11%
  11. Fortinet FortiClient version 3.0.308 » 93.99%
  12. Alwil Software Avast Professional version 4.7.942 » 93.86%
  13. Norman ASA NormanVirusControl version 5.82 » 93.63%
  14. Frisk Software F-Prot Anti-Virus version » 93.27%
  15. McAfee VirusScan version 11.1.124 » 91.63%
  16. Doctor Web Dr. Web version » 89.27%
  17. Microsoft OneCare version 1.5.1890.18 » 82.40%

As shown in the summary above, the top five of most reliable anti-virus software are covered by less-branded computer security companies. Perhaps, many of these anti-virus kits are not known by most computer users. To be frank, I only come to know about F-Secure Anti-Virus, that is come with my Nokia N73 camera phone.

Symantec Norton Anti-virus is the only branded anti-virus software in the top ten of ranking, which detects 96.83% of known computer virus. Other big boy such as Mcafee VirusScan is on 15th, while Microsoft OneCare is the worst and most not reliable security software, that you can’t rely on to safeguard Windows system from computer virus attack!

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