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Hack Wireless Network With Silica PDA

Imagine that, one can utilize Silica to scan any vulnerable computer hooking on any wireless network with file shares service enabled, download anything of interest to mass storage, and then walk away from the office space!

So, what’s this Silica?

Hacking wireless network with Silica.

Silica is a portable hacking device of Immunity Inc, that used to search and join 802.11 Wi-Fi access points, scanning open ports and automatically launch attackers’ code that are based on a customized version of CANVAS.

Silica Hacking wireless network
CANVAS, another product of Immunity Inc, is the flagship point-and-click attacker system with hundreds of exploits, an automated exploitation system, and an exploit development framework.

The idea of Silica is not to promote hacking activities. Indeed, Silica is developed for Wi-Fi security engineers to safeguard their wireless network, by conducting industrial-rated penetration test based on CANVAS. Whenever CANVAS is updated with new exploits, Silica will automatically gets an update of the newest attack code specifically target to Wi-Fi networking security.

However, a demo by Justine Aitel of Immunity Inc shows that even non-technical can turns security experts, with the Silica powered PDA on hands. When Silica started, user can choose to scan for available open Wi-Fi networks. Once a wireless network is found, Silica will attempt to connect. Once get connected to the wireless network, user can opt to scan for open ports or launch actual exploits from CANVAS, assuming the real attackers are in place!

Simple interface of Silica

Aitel said the Silica is carrying a price tag of $3,600 and it’s not going to be available in mass sales. Although it’s not an easy job, Immunity Inc has to follow its own procedure in conducting the sale of Silica, which is drafted to prevent Silica going to the hands of potential hackers.

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  1. geneva 11-01-09@13:03

    How do I buy one of the Silica’s?

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