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Cellphone That Kill My Boss

I wonder how many out there had lost their job or chance of promotion after their criticism recorded. But, I know that my boss has been cornered and lost the chance of promotion after he made some bad comments on higher management directives. 

The culprit, of course, was his office-politics opponent! That unscrupulous man, who recorded my boss comments with a voice recorder turned on in front of their casual conversation during a lunch hour!

That was not a special digital voice recorder or any special custom-made spy device, It was just a normal cellphone with voice recorder feature. Nowadays, it’s so common to have a digital voice recorder comes with the cellphone, especially those cellphone with music player.

My boss is definitely a competent IT manger, who used to dirty his hand, good enough technical skills, friendly and suave apperance, etc, to survive or enhance his career path. The only downside is that, he is too confident about technical skills and ignore the PR skills. After all, good relationship and exceptional technical competence are equally important to climb up to higher management position.

After learning a lesson of office-politics from my boss, I’ve to remind myself to be very careful if I want to make comments related to work! Not only that, beware of my behaviour too, as I wonder when I will be filmed for playing games or having a nap during lunch hour! Modern cellphone not only comes with digital voice recorder, but also digital video recorder! Imagine that, Nokia N93 can capture a DVD-quality of video clip with a highend 3.2 mega-pixels Carl Zeiss Tessar Optics lens and 3x optical zoom!

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