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Windows Mobile 6 Is Little Windows Vista

Microsoft is going to present Windows Mobile 6 on coming Monday at the 3GSM trade show in Barcelona. Codenamed Windows Mobile Crossbow, Windows Mobile 6 is not going to be a miniature of Windows Vista used to power PDA cellphone. Indeed, it’s learnt that Windows Mobile 6 is still running on the same old core of WM5, namely Windows CE 5.

Windows CE 6, the next new designed kernel of embedded Windows OS, has been around for testing since last year. The new core has been expanded the capacity for simultaneous processes from 32 to 32,000. In addition, Windows CE 6 will be highly backward compatible with its older version of Windows CE kernel. On top of that, Microsoft has also introduced an embedded development environment (or the emulator) in Visual Studio 2005 and allowing developers to access the millions of lines of Windows CE source code under Microsoft Shared Source Initiative.
There are altogether 3 versions of Windows Mobile 6 family:

Windows Mobile Professional with touch screen support (previously called Pocket PC Phone edition)

Windows Mobile Standard without touch screen support (similar to Smartphone edition, but is possible to access mobile versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

Windows Mobile Classic, which is developed for PDA that, is without phone capabilities.

John O’Rourke, GM of Microsoft Mobile and Embedded Device, said that Windows Mobile 6 should be 100% backward compatible, and suppose that everything running on Windows Mobile 5 will also work perfectly under Windows Mobile 6! So, what are the new features added that make it appears as a new Windows Mobile OS?

One of the notable features of Windows Mobile 6 is being the renovated search function. While users just type a few letters of the song, email’s subject or sender, contact name, etc, Windows Mobile 6 smart searching will present a list of similar matches. Next, Windows Mobile 6 has enhanced support for Windows Live functions. For example, Windows Mobile 6 will automatically pulling Windows Live Mail messages, display online status of contacts, accessing to Hotmail, etc.

When Microsoft Exchange 2007 is running as the Exchange email server, Windows Mobile 6 will able to support HTML e-mail too. Anyway, Windows Mobile 6 is yet capable to access new Office 2007 document format, which is based on Office Open XML specification.

Security-wise, Windows Mobile 6 built-in encryption capability for removable memory card, other than the data storing in built-in memory of cellphone. User can also strengthen policies to, for example, require stronger password and regular change of password used to protect sensitive data storing in cellphone devices that are powered with Windows Mobile 6.

Before introduction of Crossbow, Windows Mobile has been running on many cellphone, ranging from Palm Treo, Samsung Blackjack, T-Mobile Dash, Dopod, O2, etc. Anyway, Microsoft has yet aggressively thinking about Microsoft-designed cellphone double with Windows Mobile OS. Microsoft idea provider, Apple Inc, has showcased its impressive iPhone on last month. So, it’s not surprise that Microsoft will follow Apple’s innovative ideas, sooner or later, on the questions of how people interact with the must-have cellphone. After all, Microsoft has marketed Zune player and services to answer the dollar-charm of iPod and iTune, which have been the golden eggs of Apple Inc.

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